The BRAND NEW LINE Of Sebo Vacuums!!!

The Sebo Automatic X4 BOOST

Welcome to the new generation of Sebo Vacuums, now available only in Germany, and a few, very select, and favored Sebo Dealers!!

Glastonbury Vacuum has the pleasure of carrying this new unit, and offering it to our customers. The Sebo Automatic X4 Boost features a ‘Boost’ button, that lowers the vacuum head an extra 1/16th of an inch to the ground, lower than any vacuum on the market today, so you can get deeper into those carpet fibers than you were ever able to before. The boost button gives the motor a little bit of an extra momentum, allowing the most powerful vacuum motor made today to get a little boost on cleaning your floors!!

You can road trip to Germany to get this baby, or you can come on down to Glastonbury Vacuum for a FREE DEMO !! No appointment necessary. You won’t find this special model sold ANYWHERE ELSE, because it’s not allowed anywhere else yet! Get the best model of the best vacuum made by the best vacuum brand vacuum researchers have seen in decades!! This company doesn’t sell you products to get money out of repairs, this vacuum brand sells you products to last you twenty years or more, and as your local small town vacuum store, we stand behind them 100%

The Sebo Airbelt E-Series

The SEBO Airbelt E-Series is the answer to all of our pleas for a lightweight vacuum with a POWERFUL motor! Everyone loves the power and strength of the Airbelt D-Series AKA The Central Vacuum On Wheels, but nobody can resist the reliability and easy maneuverability of the Airbelt K-Series. Well, Sebo has heard your pleas and they have taken the extreme horsepower strength of the Airbelt D motor and placed it into a compact body similar to the Airbelt K, but with a few minor adjustments.

The bumper!! This is the only Sebo Canister model that has a FULL SIZE bumper, to protect your vacuum from wear and tear, as well as your walls and furniture. We’ve found that the larger bumper, protecting a larger area of space, ensures that no matter what your taste in furniture, your unit is always protected.

The Airbelt E has a ONE GALLON bag capacity! Larger than any other canister bag on the residential market right now. So you have to change the bag even less than you did before, and you get the same great HEPA filtration as you did with the other Cloth Sebo Bags.

The Sebo Airbelt E-Series is a fantastic vacuum that can only be sold in select dealerships, and in it’s hometown of Germany. The rubber wheels on the bottom are much wider, making it much easier to move the vacuum around your home and any furniture obstructions. This vacuum practically glides across your floors and carpets! Get this magically powerful and easy to use vacuum with the motor of a warrior, and get it here, at Glastonbury Vacuum, one of very few dealers allowed to even carry this magnificent vacuum in the United States!!

Buy it here online, or come into our store today and we will GLADLY hook you up with a free demo of how awesome this vacuum is!!!

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