Central Vacuum Installation – New Construction

It’s easier than you know to install a central vacuum system into the dream home you are building. As a matter of fact, it’s the easiest time to install a central vacuum! We coordinate with your construction team to establish a schedule of installation and piping that works best for all parties involved and execute a solid plan to make your home better, cleaner, and healthier!

By installing your central vacuum during construction, there is a higher chance that your inlets can be placed in the area of your choosing. While the walls are still open, we can work with your construction team and your electrician to accommodate the chosen place. When the walls are already up, we can’t see what wires and beams are where, and once we locate them, we have to work around them, nothing can be changed or altered to oblige your desired designs.

Installing during new construction allows us to offer you more features! There are so many new gadgets and aspects to central vacuums that are available now a days and installing during your construction means you have the option of enjoying them! A few options available these days are :

Vac-u-port Dustpans – Inlets installed into the base of your floor so you can sweep your floor right into your inlets, and open them with a tap of your foot.

Hide-a-Hose – A central vacuum hose that stores safely inside your walls when not in use. Pull your hose right out of your inlet when you want to use it, and suck it up into your pipes behind the wall when you are finished, like a cordwinder for your central vacuum hose!

DrawerVac – An inlet that is built in beneath your counters, so you can wipe all those crumbs and messes right into your drawervac, instead of into your hand or onto your floor!

Pet-Grooming Tool – A tool that you can use to comb and clean your pet’s hair. No more trips to the groomer! Do it yourself, comfortable in your own home.

Wet/Dry Options – Don’t cry over spilt milk! Vacuum it up! Get a wet/dry central vacuum unit and you can vacuum up dirt, dust, and anything wet that you spill!

Bag-Less Options – Unlike the terribly unhygenic world of bagless vacuums that force you to dump out buckets of dirt that get dust and bacteria everywhere and in the air you breath when you dump it out, we offer central vacuums that are build right into your water line! So, a sensor notices when your central vacuum is full, and FLUSHES IT just like your toilet, into your water line and just like that, it’s gone! No dirty, disgusting bucket to empty, no bags to buy and throw away, your vacuum EMPTIES ITSELF!! This vacuum is also wet/dry, AND it doubles as a carpet cleaner!

Needless to say, New Construction Central Vacuum Installation is as easy as giving Glastonbury Vacuum a call.

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