So You Have A Central Vacuum. Now What?

So you just got a central vacuum installed in your home. Or you just moved into your new house, and you’ve been graced with the good fortune of a central vacuum already installed. If you’re smart, and you like clean floors, that central vacuum is a DRAINVAC or a PHOENIX (Click Here To See What I Mean).

So now what?

Well, your filter is not just any filter. You have a special filter. A patented technology called ‘SilverClear’ has been developed and implemented into your filtration system. Long story short, it’s a super duper germ killing potion that your cloth filter was dipped in during the manufacturing process. After it dries, your filter became a super filter. Every germ, bacteria, dust-mite, and one-celled organism that even TOUCHES your filter dies immediately, and loses all ability to reproduce itself.

Imagine you’re standing at the sink, cupping your hands under the faucet and trying to transfer the water to a bucket. That’s what happens when you get rid of your filter, or clean it out. You’re carrying a filter full of dirt, dust, and all sorts of germs and bacteria, and it’s falling out all over the place as you do so. But with YOUR filter, at least the living organisms don’t escape back into the air you breathe. They are completely eradicated from the moment they entered your vacuum. So asthma and allergy sufferers, rest easy, your sinuses are safe with us!

This particular super duper germ killer, as explained, is not apart of the fabric, but absorbed into it.

So can you wash your awesome cloth super powered filter?

Kind of. We only recommend a couple of washes. Or else you’re going to wash all those super power right out of your filter. Also, it’s basic science kids – Water + Oxygen + Germs/Bacteria/Any One-Celled Organisms = MOLD AND OR FUNGAL SPORE GROWTH.


So, don’t be lazy, get off your butt, go to the store, and get a new filter when yours starts to get gross. Even if it means leaving your super clean house. Unless you want a super moldy house.

Well how often should I change my filter? How often is often enough?

You ask a lot of questions. It all depends on you as an individual. Do you have pets…er, I mean kids? Do you have carpets? If you answered yes to any of those, then change that filter every 2 years. If you have mostly or all wood floors, and no one to love, then change it every 3 to 4 years. See? Easy.

What about bags? How do I know which bag will fit my model?

Well, If you’re vacuum was made before 2013 it’s going to take a SAC14 (9 GALLON PAPER) SAC20 (9 GALLON HEPA)or a SAC15 (4 GALLON PAPER) bag. If you’re vacuum was made AFTER 2013, it’s going to take a SAC33 (4 GALLON PAPER) SAC31 (4 GALLON HEPA) SAC34 (9 GALLON PAPER) OR SAC32 (9 GALLON HEPA) bag. The manufacturers decided that the second generation of bag style was more efficient and so, there you have it. Confusion. But Glastonbury Vacuum is here to clear things up!

Tune Ups!!

Say it with me guys! I WILL GET MY VACUUM A TUNE UP ONCE EVERY 2 TO 3 YEARS. If you don’t vacuum much, then mayyyybe you can make it 5 years, but I wouldn’t do that. There are a million reasons why you need that tune up but I’ll give you the most important one: MOTOR BRUSHES.

See that up there? That’s a motor brush. Do you see what that is made out of? It looks like pencil lead with a metal handle. It’s about as durable as pencil lead too. Every vacuum motor (and probably every motor in existence) has motor brushes. I’m not going to even try to explain the logistics, but basically as your motor runs, these motor brushes have metal grinding against them. Which means over time, yep, you guessed it, that inch long charcoal stick looking thing gets smaller and smaller and smaller and ….you get it? Eventually, its gone and there is nothing but handle. Then you have your motor grinding on that metal handle. That destroys your motor and

BOOM! Your house blows up.

JUST KIDDING. Your house does not blow up. But your motor does crap the bed and your vacuum dies a sad and needless premature death. Guess what the technician checks during his tune ups?? YOUR MOTOR! So if your motor brushes are getting low, you know what he does? He changes them and saves your butt from murdering a poor defenseless vacuum all because you didn’t want to pay for a tune up twice a decade. I digress. Get a tune up! You need it, your vacuum definitely will need it, and your floors will get dirty if your vacuum dies.

Can you run your vacuum bagless? Yes! You can! Should you? As I said before:


I mean if you want germs and dirt and bacteria just flying free in the wind as you pour your unsealed bucket into the garbage, then sure have at it! Also, if you want to change your filter twice as often because there is no bag separating that dirt from coating your entire filter when that canister is closed and your vacuuming up tumbleweeds of pet hair and your son’s second bowl of popcorn that he PROMISED he would not spill this time…then go right ahead. Last but not least, if you want to cut the life of your vacuum motor in half because, as previously stated, there is no bag just a big bucket of dirt hurricane inside your closed canister, permeating your filter. A filter that is engineered to take only so much dirt, and usually that dirt builds up over a period of time, as very little dirt escapes the bag and gets into the filter to begin with. So your overwhelmed filter and your overworked and *gag* dirty, vacuum lets all sorts of dirt seep into the electrical and mechanical workings of your unit, and ultimately, getting into the workings of that beautiful german vortex motor that worked so hard to give you beautiful floors. And you repay it with an early, dirty, germy death. You monster.

So can you run your vacuum bagless? Yeah, it’s possible. But 1- Ew. and 2- Do so at your own risk. A couple days every once in a while running bagless is not going to hurt your unit. Just don’t make it a lifestyle choice.

Well thats it for ‘So What Now?’. Feel free to contact us with any other questions about your vacuum, or parts, or filters, or otherwise. If you don’t have a DrainVac or a Phoenix (Click Here To See What I Mean), you can still contact us with questions. If I get enough questions about the same model, maybe I’ll make another informational page. Until then, this is Glastonbury Vacuum, signing off.

P.S. – Did anyone ever tell you that you have BEAUTIFUL floors?

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