Lampe Berger Paris Home Fragrance 500ml Oil Fragrance

Lampe Berger Paris Home Fragrance 500ml Oil Fragrance


Oil Based Fragrances that burn for up to 80 hours straight and have a scent coverage of up to 2000 sq feet. Light these scents in the recommended burning lamp and your home will smell amazing, we promise! Eliminates the scents of cigarette smoke, other forms of smoke, bacon, fish, body odor, urine, pet odors, excrement odors, vomit, garbage odor, rot odor, etc.

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Fragrances straight from France, invented by a mortician repulsed by the smell of embalming fluid, he created these scents to destroy any and all odors you can imagine, bodily fluid or chemical.

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Paris Chic, Vanilla Gourmet, Green Apple, Creme Brulee, Atlantic Tide, Fresh Linen, New Orleans, Orange Cinnamon, Zest of Verbena, Lemon Flower, Lavender Fields, Summer Rain, Precious Jasmine, Grapefruit Passion, Ocean Breeze, Sweet Pear, Luxurious Venice, Savory Apple Tart, Amber Powder, Winterwood, Virginia Cedarwood

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