Lampe Berger Paris L’essentielle Starter Pack

Lampe Berger Paris L’essentielle Starter Pack


The Lampe Berger Paris L’essentielle Starter Pack has everything you need to start using Lampe Berger fragrance lamps for the FIRST TIME!

The starter box includes:

1 Clear Lampe Berger Oil Burning Lamp (you can upgrade to the fancier lamps in the future if you’d like but this is the perfect starter lamp!)

1 Patented Catalytic Burner (this is the rope piece that is connected to the burning stone which acts as a wick)

1 Funnel (to make pouring oil into the lamp easier and cleaner!)

and 2 (count em!) 2 !!! Home Fragrances !!!!! (So Neutral and Ocean Breeze — You can buy more scents separately here!

See the photo gallery for instructions with accompanying pictures but pretty much this is how it goes:

Pour about half an inch to an inch worth of oil fragrance into the lamp

Feed rope into the lamp and fit the stone into the opening of the lamp, it should fit nice and snug

Let the lamp sit for 20 minutes so the oil can soak into the rope

After 20 minutes pass, light the stone until it keeps a steady flame on its own

Let the flame burn for 2 minutes

After 2 minutes pass, blow the flame out. Don’t worry! Just like charcoal, the stone will stay hot and heated without the flame.

Place the metal cover/cap over the stone- but make sure its the caps with ventilation holes so that the scent can fill your home!

Also – when you are ready to put the lamp away, be sure to put the solid cover/cap onto the lamp (the one with NO holes in it) that way the oil that is still inside your lamp does NOT evaporate and you can reuse it again later!!!




Lampe Berger Start Pack Includes 1 Lamp, 1 Patented Catalytic Burner, 1 Funnel, and 2 Home Fragrances.

See Instructional Video!!

Candles Off Main Explains How To Use Your Lampe Berger


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