September 30, 2015


Glastonbury Vacuum has always served the Greater Hartford Area and surrounding towns with Premium vacuums, and vacuum services. We have always been known to fix any vacuum, with any problem, and get it back in your hands, ready to clean within days.

Now, Glastonbury Vacuum wants to extend another service to our customers. We will come to your home and clean your carpets, leaving them looking as clean and as new as when you bought them. We offer a ‘Dupont’ finish to prevent any future stains and spills, and we provide a variety of scent options to leave your home smelling fresh and clean when we leave, rather than the aroma of cleaning chemicals smothering your home.

You can schedule an appointment online, or call our store and schedule a time for us to come out to your home and clean your carpets. Or, if you have area rugs, you can bring your carpets to us and we will clean them for you at our store and have them ready to go back to you in just a few days. We provide all the same services in store as we do when we come out to your home.

‘I can’t get my carpets cleaned, I have furniture all over the place! I don’t have anyone to move it and I’m not strong enough to do it myself!’

Well that is fine with us! We will move the furniture for you, just let our receptionist know what obstacles are in the way and we will make a note of it for our carpet cleaner and he will come prepared to move any object, any sofa, couch, dry sink, shelf, giant rug monster that is getting in the way of you having the clean carpets you and your home deserve!!

‘I work. I’m stuck in the office all day, by the time I get out of work, it’s too late to schedule an appointment!’

Says who? Let us know what your schedule is like and what days and times are best for you. We will come to you after hours, before hours, on our days off, ANY DAY AND TIME THAT WORKS FOR YOU, WORKS FOR US! (*This applies to our Vacuum and Central Vacuum Services as well)

‘Well, what’s the cost? I can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a carpet cleaning.’

Our services range from $99.00 to $199.00 depending on the size of the carpet, the services requested, and how dirty it is before we go to work on it. Let us know what your financial situation is and we will work with you. Got an old vacuum laying around that you don’t use? Bring it to us. If we can use it for parts or refurbish it and sell it, we will give you a good percentage off of your bill. (*This also applies to our Vacuum and Central Vacuum Services as well.)


CALL US TODAY! (860) 568-4004

Or schedule an appointment online using our pop-up online appointment scheduler! Schedule a phone call, a service, or an installation in just a few clicks. Specify a date and a time that WORKS FOR YOU!

All of our internet inquiries go straight to our front desk RIGHT AWAY so you will be coordinating with a REAL LIVE EMPLOYEE at Glastonbury Vacuum, so you can be sure you will get the same great service as when you shop with us personally in-store!

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