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We install and service all brands of central vacuum. We install in new construction and existing homes. We can order industrial units per specification if required.


We repair residential vacuums whether upright or canisters. As long as the part required for the repair is still in production we can repair your vacuum. If the cost gets too close to the price of a new vacuum we will advise against repairing it.


We carry a varied line of canister and upright vacuums. From entry level vacuums to professional and commercial quality.

Central Vacuum


We install in new construction and existing homes. If you are still building it is recommended that you call a few weeks before sheet rocking.


A hide a hose system is a central vacuum with piping that allows the hose to go into the wall. All you have to do is pull the hose out and when you are done vacuuming you unlock the hose and the suction pulls it back into the wall. These can be installed in new and existing homes.


We offer service calls to resolve issues with your central vacuum system ranging from low suction to the unit not turning on at all.

Hide A Hose

The Hide A Hose system stores the central vacuum hose inside the piping within your walls.  When you are done vacuuming you use the suction of your vacuum to retract the hose back into your wall.  Call our shop for an estimate, they can be installed in new or existing homes.

Residential Vacuums

We offer repairs on all brands of vacuum. We also offer testing and demonstrations in house of any vacuum we have on display.

All Vacuum Repairs

We repair all makes and models as long as we can acquire the part needed for the repair. As stated above if the price gets close to the cost of the vacuum we will advise against going forward with the repair.


Every new vacuum we sell comes with a warranty at no extra cost.

Bagged or Bagless

We carry bagged and bagless vacuums to offer a variety. Though the bagged vacuums have better filtration the bagless offer ease of use and less maintenance.