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Check out what our customers think of Glastonbury Vacuum and our BRAND NEW PHOENIX line of Central Vacuums!!!

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/BE1ZXuOOHfc” align=”center” title=”NEW Phoenix Central Vacuum Installation” description=”Customer reviewing how great Glastobury Vacuum is, how great the central vac technician is and how much he loves his brand new PHOENIX Central Vacuums Unit!!!” autoplay=”no”]

Check out this Video Testimonial from our most recent Central Vacuum Installation Customer!!

Check out this Video Testimonial from one of our Central Vacuum Installation Customers!!! 


This is an example of just one of the many families whose homes we have improved upon with one of the strongest central vacuum units in the country! Our customer service is the best in the business and our customers can attest to that!!

Kevin Bouley 06/11/2015 –

“I had previously worked with Rich on a commercial installation and found the quality of both products and services outstanding.  When constructing our new home, there was no question about turning to Glastonbury Vacuum for guidance to design and install our central vacuum system”


(Kevin’s house in Tolland circa 2015. Exterior.)



(Kevin’s house in Tolland circa 2015. Interior.)